It’s three years ago now since we decided to start planning for this trip. First off we started saving money every month. Then we turned the basement in our house into an apartment, got in touch with an ideal family who moved in as we brought our stuff downstairs and moved into the basement. We sold our car among a few other things. We certainly also have spent a lot of time in the boat, preparing her for our trip. There has been a lot of phone calls about insurance, vaccines alongside all that boring paperwork that needs to be done. Last winter Rasmus took a seafarer officer course to further prepare us for the journey to come.

Last April we moved out of our house to rent it out in it’s entirety. We took the few posessions we have left and moved in with Rasmus’ parents, but just for a while as Rasmus quit his job in May and moved 250 kms to Kalix, where the boat (and the closest big body of water) is.

Now I am also here in Kalix and have finally left my hometown Kiruna behind. Because of a massive irone ore mine that borders the town, Kiruna city are in the process of moving. So I made sure to take a good hard look at my home since everything will look a lot different when we come back next time.

Soon the boat will touch the sea for the first time in almost two years! Because of the long list of preparations we decided to not put her in the water last summer. Everything feels great! I have sailed before, but this adventure will be something quite different for me, so I have to admit that I am pretty nervous.

We are so happy and grateful for these three years leading up to all of this. All the work and effort in making this dream come true has strengthened us and made us so thankful for where we are right now. Everyone who has supported and helped us means so much to us. When we or one of us has a bad day we always remind eachother of all the happiness and excitement we are surrounded of. And the closer we come to our trip, the more happiness and excitement we feel.

I hope this trip will give us many beautiful places to exlore as well as meeting new and old friends to visit our loved boat ”Dies Natalis”. I hope we will inspire people by sharing our adventure.

My name is Tove and I’m from Kiruna in nothern Sweden. This is the first update on Sailing Natalis and I hope you could understand my English. I hope we will see you here soon again!




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  1. I’m really looking forward to see you for filling your dreams ⛵️🌍🌎🌏 And we are the lucky ones who are aloud to rent your house ❤️



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