On our way ⛵️

Thursday evening we left the harbor, no winds but the weather was amazing. Everything went perfect and we couldn’t believe that we finally was on our way.

Yesterday we woke up early, leaving Getskär (goat island) in Kalix archipelago and went to Luleå. Good wiinds and sunny. We have spent time in the boat, putting the things together in their right place, checking out the water system and stuff like that. In Luleå we met up my parents and they spend a night in the boat. The boat feels so good, it can’t be better than this.

The local newspaper called us for an interview. It’s so fun to share our journey.


What we have forward is unbelievable and I think we can’t imagine us what adventure that is waiting for us.

Our plans is going well and we hope this weather will continue. Now I’m sitting here, writing this and steering, still hoping for better winds. Right now we just go by engine. Mom and dad seams to enjoy it very well and they decided to keep going with us all the way to Piteå. Rasmus is giving me a lot of responsibility so I can learn fast. Made breakfast down in the boat and I’m not feeling seasick at all, yet.

To say goodbye is never easy even if you know you will meet everybody again. When we left Kalix it was a lot of hugs, kisses and tears… We are so close to our families and it’s wonderful to spend some time with them. Thank you for reading and enjoy the pictures from this week!

/ Tove



3 reaktioner till “On our way ⛵️

  1. Oh, thats wonderful news from You. I wish You all the best and Happy Journey to both of You. Hope to se you in some harbour along your trip. GOOD LUCK🌞


  2. Blir spännande att följa er på webben. Vi önskar er stort lycka till!!
    / ”Båtgrannarna” på Getskär



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