First Crew Members

Sunday, 2th July

To wake up in the boat it’s now a habit. The first you do is looking out through the round window. Then we start the day with coffee in bed and discussing the day. Now we are in Piteå, the boat is out by anchor. We went in to land and spend the day in our friends cabin. Food was served, we had the chance to wash clothes, got ride to the town to buy the things we need, we ran in the villige and had the chance to lend a shower. Thanks to everybody that taking care of us!

Our first crew members has landed on Dies Natalis! A family from Kiruna. This family is really inspiring us. They are always on adventures and now they are taking part of our adventure. They will sail with us for a few days and we are looking forward to spend some days with this family!

Tomorrow we will have the winds with us. So we all are very excited for the coming days. This will be the first trip with no stops and night sailing. A lot of time has spent today to finding sea cards and the only thing we find was an app on the phone, but I think we can handle that.

Rasmus is still working with the VHF and autopilot to work correctly. I’m feeling frustrated because I can’t help him or give him any advise… His is running from one place to another place with his tool bag, either he is an electrician or a plumber. But although this he is laughing and having a good mood. We are a good team me and Rasmus.

/ Tove


Thursday, 6th July

Hello, Rasmus here. I will try to explain the last days short.

But first of all I will give some extra love for all people who helped us to get where we are now.

With everyone onboard, me, Tove, Toni, Emma, Felix, Kasper, and the dog Naja. We set sail going South, for everyones best especially the dog Naja, we decided to have shorter tours, first at Furögrund and then at Byske where we had a ”Swedish Fika” and Naja could run free for a while.

The winds was great but the swells grown bigger, that made the younger crew member a bit seasick. We had a shorter stop in the evening, Lövsele, before we started the night sail. We past Umeå during night, God winds gave us average 9 knots. Right now we are in Järnäsklubb, and our good friends has left us for there next adventure, that will be whitewater kayaking.

Was great to have them onboard! Our plan right now is to having a run, prepare the boat, set sail and point for Stockholm. Unfortnaly the winds seams not to be with us anymore.

See You There! // Rasmus



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