The boat is our home now

It’s been a while since we updated the website, so I have a lot to tell you!

Last time we updated we were still in North Sweden, south of Umeå. Our plans was to sail to Örnsköldsvik but the winds started to drop off. We spent many days in the harbor but a lot was fixed in the boat so maybe it was just good for us with some breathless winds. After some days we decided to keep moving forward by the engine to

Örnsköldsvik, we could sail a bit but mostly we used the engine. Under the tour we installed the autopilot and that was a big relief. It’s the best thing you can have on a boat. It’s steer better then you are and it’s very nice to just read a book instead of steering, it does the heavy work. When we came to Ö-vik Rasmus parents came and spend one night in the boat. We had plans to sail all the way to Stockholm with no stops, the winds was better but not perfect. Then Rasmus father and Rasmus sisters eight year old son decided to sail with us all the way to Stockholm. We left Ö-vik but made a stop at Ulvön because of the winds. But that didn’t bother us, Ulvön is a beautiful place and we had very nice weather. One night at Ulvön and then we got the winds with us. We sailed to Stockholm with no stops. We had very good winds and sometimes we were up to 13 knots. You couldn’t stand straight in the boat, the waves washed on to the deck and the small round windows was completely submerged the sea. It wasn’t much you could do so we all just laid down in the boat and tried to fight the ill. We took turns to check out for other boats and reefs.The boat leaned so much, you couldn’t lay in you bed because the next minute you was on the floor. Maybe it sounds terrible to you but I have to say, I love it! It’s hard to explain but it’s so fantastic how stable the boat is, how the winds can give such a speed. I laughed a lot because it was sick. I also had my first night shift on the boat. It was an amazing view and I felt like i didn’t want to go to sleep. We had the autopilot all the time and it’s my best friend right now. When we arrived to Stockholm and waved goodbye once again to Peter and Levis. We went through a lock and anchored the boat in Mälaren. Then our friends came to the boat and we had a party.

Now we has been in Stockholm for almost a week. We have spent time with our friends, bought things to the boat, went to the Vasa museum and cursing around with our longboards in the parks. We don’t know when we will left Stockholm but we think we maybe will sail to Gotland this weekend, but like I said, no plans. We don’t know when but we now that we will absolutely continue this trip, sailing south and I already miss the sea.

I got the question yesterday ”Do you feel like the boat is your home now?” and we answered Yes of course. It really feels like home. I can’t understand that this is my life right now, the boat is my home and all the amazing places that is waiting for me. We woke up every day, no alarm. If you are tired you go back to sleep again. We don’t have plans most of the time, we are just living in the moment. We are enjoying every minute of our lives right now. Life feels so simple.

Once again I will thank everybody who is helping us, supporting us and just make our days even better! Thanks, thanks, thanks! Enjoy the pictures and se you soon again 🙂

/ Tove




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