Tove and Rasmus have some new crew members. Jonny Videhall, Oskar Tapani and Jonatan Hammar have joined the sail from Stockholm to the Swedish island called Gotland.

Tove and Rasmus had been in Stockholm for one week, and Tove was really excited to continue the journey. But Rasmus didn’t want to leave Stockholm to fast because he knew that two of Tove’s friends was coming to Stockholm to surprise her.

Tove didn’t know a thing and started to get a little bit angry because everything was going slow. then this Thursday she was talking on the phone when Rasmus asked her to hung up and look at the port bridge. There stood her to friends Evelina Björk and Alma Sixten and the happiness was total.

They left Slagsta Marina later that evening and sailed to ”our” boat where we was 5 guys that had anchored in Vaxholm just for the weekend to enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful archipelago. When they arrived to Vaxholm we knit together the boats, drank some wine and enjoyed each others company.

We all stayed there for two more days and had a lot of fun! Rasmus friend Björn Bergqvist from Uppsala joined us and brought two awesome Jetskis with him and it was a blast. So the weekend was really nice with a lot of laugh, wine, beers, ”Irish KÅFY” (as Oskar would say) and music.

Late at Saturday night Oskar, Jonatan and Jonny decided to join Rasmus and Tove on their journey to Gotland and we took off around 3 pm from Vaxholm and spent the night in Sandhamn.

Early morning at Monday we left Sandhamn around 6 am and started sail to Gotland. And I have to say, what an experience.. The amazing weather, the calm you get when you are on a boat when its good winds and you feel total freedom. We are really jealous that Tove And Rasmus are going to be doing this for two-three more years..

We had really nice weather all the way with really good winds and the sail took around 19 hours. Now we are in Gotland and are just about to eat dinner that Tove and Oskar made… What a blast!

We wish Tove and Rasmus that they will have an awesome journey and hope that we will join them later! Thank you guys!

At the keyboard, Jonatan Hammar.





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