Bye Sweden

Tuesday evening we finally had good weather and quite good winds to set sail. We left Sweden behind us and hoped to sail all the way to Germany. We don’t have sea cards for Denmark so we couldn’t make a stop there. We had good winds to the next day and then we had to go by engine the last 3 hours. At 1.00 PM we came to Darsser Ort. It was perfect weather to anchor the boat near the beach. It’s pretty tiring to night sail when you’re only two persons. We try to do 3 hours shift but you really feel you don’t get enough with sleep and it’s a big fight to stay awake those 3 hours. The auto pilot is doing the job of steering so our work is to watch out for other boats and reefs. From Sweden to Germany it starts to be many ships at night. So you need to be clear all the time. It’s very hard to see how far and what direction the boats have at night. At most we had fifteen boats around us and I guess the English Channel will be even worse… When it’s my turn to sleep I woke up all the time because I’m so afraid that Rasmus will fall out from the boat. So the 3 hours sleep it’s not that good sleep. Because I’m new at this it’s a lot of questions when it’s my turn to be awake, so Rasmus 3 hours sleep ends up with two.

The time in Sweden has felt like a vacation. We have spending a lot of time with friends and family. Now when we have left Sweden it really feels like we are on our way. Now the adventure has started. It’s a good feeling.

As usual we don’t have the winds with us so we will stay here for another day. So now we have time to continue working with the boat, as usual. It’s always something to do on a boat. In 5 days we will have crew members on Dies Natalis.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures! /Tove


En tanke på “Bye Sweden

  1. Ella blev jätteglad över att höra dig på radion, även om hon inte fattade så mycket. Hon försökte prata med dig (för du var ju i telefonen) berätta saker och tyckte att Rasmus också skulle prata med/lyssna på henne, blev bekymrad över om du var rädd och båten hade vält (tog ett tag innan hon kopplade att man kan fundera på saker även om man inte tror de ska ske 😅), tusentjugotre frågor.
    ”Min ToveRasmus åker båt.” Ella❤️



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