Kiel Canal

After Darsser Ort we decided to sail to Rostock because Rasmus father Peter and his crew wanted to take the ferry from Sweden to join us through the Kiel Kanal. When we arrived to Rostock it was boats every where and all harbors was full because of the Hanze Sail event. We tried to talk to coast guards, call the harbors but it seemed like we couldn’t stay. Finally we find a place, really expensive but quite good for us. The days before the crew arrived we have tried to fix the fridge and some small problems with the engine. We had very good weather and started one day to get a new fridge but it was impossible, almost no one could talk english and it was nothing near who sold an optimal fridge to our boat. We came back after hours of searching, calling and figure out what to do next. We wrote a list and the day ended up very well with good dinner and some beer.

Tuesday morning our crew members arrived and the weather was fantastic! We splited up to buy some food, sea chards and a last chance to find a fridge. We couldn’t get the sea charts but we found a small freezer, I think it will work until we find something better. Five happy men and one happy me left Rostock and we set course to Kiel. The weather was still amazing and good winds.

Through the Kanal everything has gone very well. Four generous men has taken care of me and Rasmus so much, we haven’t done much and they just fixing and helping with the boat and every thing. So far, thank you guys! The weather has not been so good, much rain and cloudy. It hasn’t happen so much, I have taken the opportunity to rest a lot, watch movies and just relaxing. Now we are at the end of the Kiel Kanal and hopefully we will have good winds to sat sail.

Thank you, and see you soon again! Enjoy the pictures 🙂

/ T



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