Gale in English Channel

Been awhile since we last updated you, excuse us. When we left Germany trough the Kiel-Kanal, much been happening. Tove took the train to meet up her sister in Rotterdam for a week, rest of us have been spending lot of time in shallow canals trough Netherlands, most of the time too shallow for the boat… we hit the bottom several times, even dough we really enjoyed the canals.

The canal Staande Masteroute was a good opportunity to keep going when the winds out in the North Sea were against us. We entered in Deftzil and came out four days later in Amsterdam, where Tove also came back. Our great crew member Per-Rune Andersson had his last day as a pirate and sadly went home back to real life again.

Per-Rune also made some wonderful movies, that we like to link:



It’s always some work that needs to be done on a boat, so before we went out for the English channel we decided to take care of some of the work. So now we have mounted new solarpanels just to get enough charging for the batteries. We have been spending many hours behind the old AIS until we realize it really was broken, so we had to buy a new AIS Transponder witch means other boats can see us and we can see other boats on the map through the GPS Plotter.

You can see our position at

Yesterday we just arrived to Ramsgate, east of London. After a long warm shower and a good meal we were  back again. During the passage we been five onboard, three of us was hangin over deck, because of the ”bumpy ride”. Hope we can blame on currents of the tide and the gale winds.



Old Captain
Old Guys doing Yoga, cause of the unhealthy Canal


Our Next stop will be Dover.



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