”Winter has come”

Our new life has now going on for more then two months! Everything has gone so well and the trip has been much better then we could ever dream of. We have met old and new friends who have supported us a lot. We have had and have now such a great crew members on Dies all the time and we are so happy for that. Some smaller things has got broken on the boat but we have always find a good solution in the end. Our budget is still totally okay and we have enjoyed every minute of our new life. I had the opportunity to meet up my sister and her boyfriend who lives in Rotterdam, so amazing time there and I miss them already.

But after this ”all going perfect to us” it wasn’t just the winds who turned against us… When we left Amsterdam I had my first experience of a gale. 30 knots wind and we had to get as high as we could against the wind. The boat leaned so much and I was chocked of the big, big big waves! I have to admit I felt pretty worried but it took just one hour out fighting and I was a total mess. The sea sickness was indescribable and I have never felt so weak in my hole life. It was the worse 26 hours in my entire life. Hope I will never feel like that again… We finally came to England and also frist time for me and it was so good to be standing on the ground again.

Our trip through Englands coast has been good. Winds against us all the time, so the engine has done a great work! We had very good weather from Ramsgate to Dover, so beautiful with the Dover cliffs and now the water has turned to an amazing blue color. After Dover we have had most rainy days.. The weather has get worse and the winds has grown and still, right against us. Step by step we have slowly taken us forward. We really want to go to Brest in France as soon as possible because of the season. Here in England the sailing season is taking off what means the weather will not be better. Everything has taken much longer then we have planed and we can’t wait too long for crossing Biscaya. As everybody else, I’m a great fan of Game of Thrones and it feels like ”Winter has come”

We are now in Cowes, Isle of wight. Really cool place with fast speed sailing boats every where. Can’t say we fit in, haha. We came here and had our daily counsel meeting (at the pub), discussing the coming days. It seems like our great crew have to go home soon.. We came back to the boat and I wasn’t in the best mood so I took a nap. Woke up with another great news! Not.. The guys had been sitting down in the salon and suddenly they had hear water sipping in the boat. They find out that the water pump to the engine had got broken… So right now it’s feels pretty hard, guess everything can’t be smooth as water all the time. Lucky me I have this always good mood guys with me who made delicious pasta bolognese and made jokes about it. What’s happening now it’s to just wait for better winds and repair parts, so our great adventure can keep going!


I also have a greeting from Per-Rune who wants to share his days on Dies and also his awesome movies!

Enjoy 🙂

Message: I have just arrived home to Kiruna, after a 2 weeks wonderful journey with Tove, Rasmus and his father Pecka and his twins cousins Bert and Gert.
I entered in Rostock, went through Kiel Canal, North See, through the Canals in Holland to Amsterdam. I had stayed longer but my fucking boss didn’t let me retire from my job. Now i only follow the boat DIES NATALIS via this link:


My only experience of sailing was 7 year ago, also with Pecka, where I learned to ”reva segel”

I made some trailers from the 2 weeks

A film from the first leg Rostock Kiel

Thank’s to Tove and Rasmus for letting me be part of the crew


En tanke på “”Winter has come”

  1. Hoppas vindarna vänder till er fördel igen snart och att ni kan reparera pumpen. ✊️ Per-Rune behöver bli pensionär så han kan åka med er oftare och längre, vilken PR-maskin! 👏👏



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