Good winds for birthday present

Since last update not many miles have been done, actually none. When the old guys Gert, Bert and Peter had left, we decided to stay in the same marina, Cowes at Isle of Wight.  The biggest reason is the strong wind against us, second thing has been the engine… While we were sitting in the boat-saloon relaxin with a glass of wine, we heard water sipping. Turned out to be the water pump for the engine, the pump were in really bad condition. Lucky for us the Isle of Wight is known as ”The home of sailing”, which made it easy to find help and to get the spare parts we were looking for.

We have also hanging out with some great Swedish guys!

(check them out on

This guys have the same plan as us, to go around the world. Right now they are here because of the same reason – Bad winds and broken parts. But instead of being depressed of all the setbacks, we all having really good time together, like morning runs to check out the city, eat breakfast and dinner together. One day we also went for a dingy adventure to Newport, which ended to a really wet and exhausting day, but really fun!

This is not a normal day, actually my birthday. Which means even the winds are changing, so now we preparing the boat for Brest, that will take around two days.

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3 reaktioner till “Good winds for birthday present

  1. Vilken bra födelsedagspŕesent att ni fick bra vindar. GRATTIS.
    Jag har trott att er AIS gone crazy eftersom den har stått still en vecka i samma hamn. Jag ser att ni nu har hamnat i France. Jag följer ju er på



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