La France

Thursday morning we woke up and started to get ready. We went over to the Aloha guys, drank some coffee and then we said good bye. We will defiantly meet them again.

We left Isle of Wight and set course to Brest. 200 Nautical miles, two days sailing, only two of us. We set sail and it felt so good to be out again but just for the moment, then the swells grown bigger and bigger. The ocean never stops surprising me, how big and powerful it is. It took just some hours then I was down in the boat, the sea sickness came like a punsch in my face. And there I was, laying down in bed, like a mess. Couldn’t do anything and Rasmus got to practice to be an alone sailor for the next 30 hours… I can’t explain how bad I felt, ill from the sickness and bad for Rasmus because he needed to stay awake and taking care of me. He is my hero! The second day out Rasmus woke me up, ”Tove, DOLPHINS!” I ran up on deck and saw four or six playful mini dolphins jumping  right beside the boat, on both sides! And for that moment I didn’t feel sick at all. Unfortunately we didn’t got any good pictures of them. We were just standing there and watch the dolphins playing in the swells, amazing moment!

I started to feel better but every time I get up from bed I felt dizzy again. We chance the course to Aber Wrac’h to rest a day. The idea is to meet up our friend Camille who lives in Douarnenez south of Brest before we crossing the Biscaya.

Even if the sea sickness makes me wanna jump overboard I want to get out there, get used to it and learn more about sailing.

👇   Don’t forget to follow our position


Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures!

/ Tove



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