France to Portugal

The last time we updated you guys we were in France. Some days ago we arrived to the amazing city Lisbon. A lot has happened the passing weeks and I will do my best to shortly tell you about the awesome time from France to Portugal.

We came to Dournenez, a beautiful little town and we find a very good spot to anchored the boat. We met Camille and her family and also their friend Diarmuid from Ireland. Days became weeks in the little town because of the winds. Everyday we were spending time with Camille, her husband Ludo, baby Anok and Diarmuid. We surfed, had dinners and explored Bretagne. We also had a wonderful moment when a lonely dolphin came to the harbor, it was so curious and we actually got the chance to touch it. Then Rasmus took a swim with the dolphin but then he or she got little shy. The dolphin came to our boat everyday, from inside of the boat we could hear the incredible sound and we also had the chance to cuddle with it. That was the most magical moment of my life. When it was time for us to leave Dournenez to cross the Bay of Biscay our friend Ulf came to join us and also did Diarmuid.

The Bay of Biscay was first time for all of us and we had the best sailing you can ever wish for, it was perfect! The winds were stabil and very small swells. Dolphins visiting us everyday and the weather was wonderful. 55 hours later we arrived to La Coruna in the middle of the night and find a perfect berth right next to the Aloha guys.

We spend some days in La Coruna and it felt so good to be in Spain, warm and cheap. Diarmuid the great crew member took the flight home to Valencia. Meanwhile, we and the Aloha guys sailed to the Vigo Islands. Perfect place to stop by, good anchor spot and nice beaches. After one night we reached for Porto. No winds, foggy and lots of fishing buoys. Then we finally came to Porto and also did the Aloha guys. So fun to spend time with these crazy guys. Two lovely weeks and then it was Ulfs turn to fly back to Stockholm. Thank you guys for you time on Dies, we hope you´ll come back soon!

We left Porto behind to go to Lisbon. It took two days and we could only go by engine. The first night I had my first sight of the Bioluminescence (sea fire), so cool! It’s almost like the Northern light. I was staring at the water and it chanced color from green to blue right beside the boat. Suddenly when I looked down in the water I saw two dolphins swimming around in the sea fire. It’s very hard to explain and impossible to catch it on the camera. The sight was so crazy so I started to cry a bit, I’m so proud of myself to go out sailing and explore things I never could imagine. Day two in the middle of the night Rasmus find out something was wrong with the gear box. It seemed to be a leak in the oil cooler, which meant the hole gearbox was filled with salt water… Aloha were not far a way, so they were ready to assist us if we couldn’t fix the problem. After an hour we had fixed it provisionally so we could make it into Lisbon. In the middle of the day we came safely to Lisbon!

For now we have decided to go to Madeira! Madeira wasn’t the plan first but now the winds want’s to take us there and then, we go there. I learned one important thing about sailing. The weather! I have never thought about the weather before, I have never checked the weather, I didn’t like when it was windy before and was totally uncared what direction the wind came from, and now, the winds are the most important for us. After two rainy days in Lisbon I hope Madeira have better weather, I just LOVE the sun!

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  1. Låter som underbara äventyr hela vägen, fortsätt på den Lucky Journey när är på. All tur och lycka vidare på resan!



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