Las Palmas

Porto Santo, amazing Island gave us beautiful views, 23 degrees warm water and just some chill and sweet time. In return we gave Porto Santo a print on the ”wall of fame”.

We left Porto Santo to sail to the Canaria Islands, a short stop in Madeira to fill up the tanks but it ended up with a dramatic night when a rope got stucked in the propeller right in the Marina but thanks to the helpful people who woke up everything went well. They actually didn’t have any fuel for the moment but that didn’t bother us, we had very good winds all the way to Gran Canaria and the engine and our wallet could rest for a while. The sailing was very calm and peaceful and it ended perfectly when we catch a BIG Mahi Mahi. We set course to Las Palmas to pick up some friends and the impossible to get in the Marina before the ARC (a sailing race to Caribbean) became possible. Tonight Ulf and his girlfriend Hanna will arrive to Dies Natalis and tomorrow we will sail to south Gran Canaria, stay by anchor and just have some awesome time! I can’t believe our next long distance sailing will be to Cap Verde. About one month we will be ready to cross the atlantic, I’m so excited! We are very happy and grateful to live this life and also proud that we actually did what we dreamed of. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the pictures 🙂




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