Skinny Dipping

On wednesday night/early thursday morning our taxi stopped in Las Palmas Marina where two happy sailors welcomed me and Ulf to Dies! So amazing to finally be on the boat again and to hang out with Rasmus and Tove!!

On thursday we had a really slow start, walking the marina, just relaxing and looking at the hat that Rasmus, Staffan and Calle left at ”Sailors Bar” the last time they crossed the atlantic. Around lunchtime we left Las Palmas and sailed towards the south side of the island. I have never sailed before and the experience is so cool, I can’t even describe it! Sunny weather, blue skies, a beer in your hand, listening to good music and jumping and bathing by the boat – it’s unlike anything I have ever done before. Rasmus is such a good teacher too, and it was so much fun to learn about sailing and to get so steer the boat!

We anchored outside a beach and in the morning me and Tove swam in to it to get some exercise and to feel the warm sand between our toes. The water was so nice that we never wanted to stop swimming, so far from the autumn back in Stockholm! So happy to have met Tove and Rasmus, we have so much fun together! After the morning swim we kept sailing until we reached Puerto Mogan, a really beautiful village with its little houses and flowers everywhere. Rasmus played the guitar in the sunset, Ulf sang and me and Tove barbercued the Mahi mahi they had catched earlier, sooooooo delicious!!

In the night we went skinny dipping in the moonlight and like every night you get to fall asleep by the rocking waves. I really love to be on the boat! The rest of the time we have just talked and laughed a lot, really enjoying our time together and listening to Rasmus and Tove’s plans for crossing the atlantic and the rest of the planet. I am so impressed and jealous of their adventure, and so happy to get to be a little part of it!!

It’s never fun to say goodbye but we really had an amazing time and definitley made memories for life. Something to think back at and get energy from in the rainy november in Stockholm. Thank you so much to Rasmus and Tove and good luck on the rest of your sailing!!! I hope we see each other soon though, already miss you and Dies!



En tanke på “Skinny Dipping

  1. Herregud alltså att få läsa om vad ni har för er ❤️❤️❤️ Jag hoppas att vi en dag också kommer få mönstra på och bli en liten del av ert stora äventyr



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