Gran Canaria

Our time here in Gran Canaria has been lovely. Hanna and Ulf took the bus from Puerto de Mogán to fly back home to Stockholm, me and Rasmus decided to stay in Mogán. It’s very nice to anchor the boat outside the marina. Actually four years ago me and Rasmus were in Mogán with his earlier boat Rayola, an Albin Vega. I was visiting Rasmus before he and his friends cross the Atlantic.

During the week we rented a car and drove to Las Palmas to pick up some boat stuff, to prepare for the Atlantic!

On Saturday Rasmus mother came to spend a week with us, so wonderful! It was so nice to have a mom on Dies. She didn’t just take good care of us, she also did some love and care on Dies. One happy boat is definitely two happy sailors. We had an amazing time. Me and Sussie (Rasmus mother) have a really good relationship and it was so peaceful to have some lonely time and just talk about everything! The week ran away too fast and it was a sadly moment when Sussie jumped on the bus to go back home. I’ts hard to say goodbye cause you don’t know how long it will take until we meet her again. Tack älskade mamma Sussie, du är så underbar, vi älskar dig ❤️

The good thing is that when someone leave Dies and we have to say goodbye it dosen’t take long until a new crew member shows up. Our great friend Emil came to the little place Arguineguin and all the sad mood flew away. Emil and Rasmus have been friends since they were very young and it’s so funny to see them together, talking about their crazy memories. Unfortunately some big swells came in to the little bay and it was hard to enjoy the dinner when everything was moving, also no sleep for two nights… To stay out by anchor when you have good conditions is the best. You wake up in the morning, dive in the warm clear water and just have some nice breakfast up on the deck but if you don’t have good conditions, no wind and big swells it’s quite hard and specially for those who are not used to be on a boat.

We decided to go back to Las Palmas, we could only go by engine but the weather was amazing! The water was so calm. When we started to get closer to Las Palmas we catch a Barracuda, not our favorite but totally okey. We arrived to Las Palmas and even if the ARC has gone the marina was full, so we dropped the hook again. In the evening we had great dinner, Mongolian barbecue. If you are like me and love fish and seafood it was like paradise. We find a really nice outside bar with great music and we ended up the evening with a drink. We came back to the boat and fell asleep and had a very good night!

Thanks for reading, cheers! /Tove

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