Las Palmas to Cap Vede

Go sailing they said, it will be fun they said… And we totally agree that sailing, exploring and everything that’s offer us is fun, amazing and wonderful. We knew that work on the boat is the biggest part of it but I think we didn’t knew how much work… Blog, insta and facebook hasn’t been our priority. The time in Las Palmas has been working, working and working… Also fun, amazing and wonderful time too, especially with our great neighbors from Holland that we spend a lot of time with during the break of the work. Days flew away, and the time had come for the crossing. Our Great guests, family Franz that joined us earlier this year when we still were in Sweden, had now come to the boat. We still had some work on the boat, but we solved everything out together. Some of us were doing the shopping, some filled the propane tanks, and some continue with the work one the boat. Just great time work!

The first days at sea to Cap Verde was not so much wind and such an experience for all of us, dolphins, a big turtle AND a whale at the same day, crazy! The rest of the week was a lot of wind with four meter big waves. Pretty tough if you are not use to sailing. But the mood was good and I got the chance to listen to Harry Potter for the third time. Not so much to tell actually, just good sailing, and good company.

After six days in the middle of the night we saw the light of Cap Verde. The feeling when you see the first light of a lighthouse is such a great feeling, even if we enjoyed the time at sea it’s always good to explore new places and have a long shower.

We came to the small town Mindelo and also met some sailors from Las Palmas. It’s such a relief to hear that everybody is okey. We celebrate the frist morning with pancakes and I can promise you, it wasn’t just the children who were crazy in the pancakes. The weekend in Mindelo has been much preparing for the next trip, the Atlantic cross. Work and preparing is a very big part when your gonna do a crossing, so we actually didn’t explore the town so much. Rasmus was in Mindelo four years ago and it’s exactly how he explained it, very nice people, nice small bars with not that good Wifi.

The plan is to leave Mindelo tomorrow (Monday) and then spend a night out by anchor and then the crossing begins! I’m so into sailing right now that it doesn’t feel special or nervous or whatever, its just sailing. I’m really looking forward to explore Caribbean and I hope the work with the boat will wait for a while, me and Rasmus really need a ”Holiday” right now 😉

Once again, like always we are so happy and thankful for everybody that follow and support our joinery even if we are pretty bad to update you right now.

See you on THE OTHER SIDE! (sounds so cool) Take care and enjoy the pictures!

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2 reaktioner till “Las Palmas to Cap Vede

  1. Väldigt häftig resa ni gör, lycka till och vilken kul idé Emma o Toni att följa med en del av resan. Fick höra om det här av Emils pappa Tage Lundin.
    Hälsa Janne Roth



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