Honeymoon on Dies

´This is blog post is brought to you by a secret writer who was part of the 8 man strong crew/family visiting Tove and Rasmus the first two weeks in February. We are experiencing a minor delay due to some good ol’ Swedish skrivkramp but here we go;


So for you who didn’t know already this story starts with a wedding (congrats one more time to Sari and Jens) and therefore technically we have all been on a honeymoon. Pretty good honeymoon if you ask me and we had a blast! Thank you Tove for being who you are (I miss you already <3) and thank you Rasmus for the private Dinghy tours! It’s always easier to give a better picture over an experience if the time is given to let it all sink in and time is taken to reflect over what just happened. As I feel that way too many things took place to explain it all I will just use my freedom as a blogger to randomly highlight experiences which made their way into my long term memory instead of following some kind of timeline.


Sainte Anne – Marigot Bay

The newly married Jens is playing Harry Brandelius – Gamla Nordsjön and it feels so nice to finally be on our way.  I’m truly impressed by the way Tove and Rasmus are handling the boat and, honestly, most of the time I’m just standing in the way. The sail is very nice to and we’re drinking beer in the sunshine. I have never been on a sailboat before but it sure feels good to be on the sea, travelling between two Caribbean islands and doing it only by use of the wind. I understand why people get hooked.

Upon arrival to Margiot bay (but after having the best banana in the Caribbean according to the Rasta fruit delivery guy) someone gets the brilliant idea that some of us should take a short swim to the beach. I don’t really want to think about this for too long but the water was f*cking disgusting, I don’t even know what I was smelling like when I came up from there.  After a needed shower, food and a “few” drinks one of the notorious guided Dinghy tours took place and we ended up in a bar with four crazy Germans and the night was spent listening to Dj Karlsson & Dj Palos music and talking shit.


Tobago Cays:

What a place! I’ve heard some stories but when we were coming in towards the small group of islands my eyes were looking at something I never seen before. The colour of the water and the small islands in combination with all the sailboats laying for anchor/buoy is something special and still, the most amazing things with this place is what’s located below the surface. ”OMG, I’m like 50cm away from a feeding turtle” I remember thinking while snorkeling. 10 minutes later: “OMG, I pretty sure that’s a Stingray, this is how Stewe Irwin died right?”

After some additional snorkeling, coconut gathering and wildlife experiences we’re heading back to Bequia with some great memories. With us we also have some fresh Tuna that makes a fabulous Sahimi later that eveing.


Port Elizabeth, Bequia

This place is definitely my personal favorite and some of the crew/family spent one or a couple of nights at a hotel on the beach. In Port Elisabeth we also got to try some of the local delicacies and the Caribbean lobster delivered by our guy Glenn was great. The 13” Pepperoni at Mac’s pizza as well. This is actually also where Tove and Rasmus made us realize how nice it is to skinny dip at night from the boat, keep doing this guys, I’m sure it’s very good for you! The last guided Dinghy tour took place here and it was, without going into too much detail, definitely the craziest. The night was spent at a bar where the entertainment consisted of a bunch of speakers playing dance hall out in the street and yeah, I realized that that the Fresh prince in Bel Air-song is not too bad after all and that in Bequia police officers sometimes fall asleep at parties.


Ok, dear readers, Captain said one A4 so this is where the story ends (I already adjusted font size from 11 to 10). I want to use this last to part to one more time say thanks to Tove & Rasmus. It makes me happy that you are following your dreams and therefore also making it possible for us to experience things like this together with you.


Big love – See you soon! #WickedTuna´

Kind regards,



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