One Year From Home

”As I walk along the dry dock, I see dreams. Dreams about to be somewhere else, dreams about starting something new or restarting something old. They are all standing their, next to each other, some are smaller some are bigger, faster or slower. I keep on walking until the end of the yard and I can clearly see my dream, but is’t not a dream anymore, is’t real. She is my new home, 43 feet long and she is about to chance my life.”

I still have that feeling inside me, it feels like yesterday. I just can’t believe it’s already been a year since we left our home port. Left everything behind, our friends, family, our house and our dog Banjo. To be honest, I never thought this dream was gonna be true and when I started to realize it’s really happening, I could never imagine how it was gonna be like.

Life on a boat is of course different, specially when you’re sailing. Everything is moving, you always need a hand somewhere, a steady grip to not fall, always hearing the noise from the sea surrounding the boat, it’s never quiet on a boat.

One year since we left Sweden and now we are here, in La Libertad Ecuador. The plan wasn’t to get here from the beginning. We left Panama after a great experience of the Panama Canal and we headed for Easter Island. We had a good passage just me and Rasmus and the sailing was smooth and nice but it was hard to hold a strait course because of the wind direction, so we were pointing more for Ecuador than our goal. Everything was fine and we just enjoyed every minute. Suddenly we heard a noise that we never heard before, ”The rig!” Rasmus said directly and we ran up on the deck and saw that the Head stay had snapped. Thank God we have a Baby stay so the mast didn’t fall. We motor to Ecuador and just fell in love with the place. And why stress? We can stay five months if we want. And so we did.

Here it’s ”winter” now, the weather is perfect to fix the boat because it’s around 22 degrees celsius and very very dry, it’s never rain and if the rain comes you almost feel nothing, just some drops in the air.

It’s just crazy to look back what we been doing the last year. All the things we have experienced, all the people we met, friends for life. All the animals, flowers and buildings we seen. Roads, tracks and paths we walked. And all the oceans we crossed. It would take me forever to write about everything and I guess I also have forget a big part of it, sad but true.

The hardest thing for me the last year has been the missing. I miss my family and my friends so much! Many of them have come visiting us a long the way. The further we sail the more I miss everybody. But I think that is the biggest part of sailing/traveling for a long time, you see more than you did back home, appreciate all you have. Back home everyone was so close and now they are so far a way. And all the amazing experience you have you want to experience with them.

To my family and my friend:

I love you so much and there is never a moment when I’m not thinking about you. You are my everything and sometimes I wish all of you could fit in our boat. Because of you, our dream became true. Soon I meet you all again, until then:

Enjoy every moment of your life because, life is a gift. And I’m so happy to be a part of your life.

Love you All, Tove



2 reaktioner till “One Year From Home

    1. Hej! Thank you so much Kim. We are glad that you enjoy following us. I can’t wait until I bring Rasmus to New York and visit u guys but I guess it’s gonna take a while… Give a big hug to the rest of the family. Kram from Tove & Rasmus



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